Monday 5 May 2014

We're back...

It's been a while, but I'm pleased to report that Fethiye WAYK is back.

I've started with two weekly Turkish sessions, and Gözde did some English sessions with adults just before the tourism season began, and is continuing with some children's sessions.

In the Turkish side, I have restructured the curriculum somewhat by eliminating suffixes to begin with.

Our opening conversation now goes as follows:

1. Bu ne?
What is this?
2. Bu, siyah kalem.
This is a black pen.
1. Bu siyah kalem kimin?
Whose is this black pen?
2. Bu siyah kalem benim.
This black pen is mine.
1. Ha, bu siyah kalem senin mi?
Ah, is this black pen yours?
2. Evet, bu siyah kalem benim.
Yes, this black pen is mine.
1. Hm, bu siyah kalem benim mi?
Hmm, is this black pen mine?
2. Hayır, bu siyah kalem senin değil benim.
No, this black pen is not yours, but mine.

Suffixes are going to be bite-sized pieces introduced by themselves, and only when everything else up to that point has been mastered.

So that's a little taster. I'll be sure to keep you posted as we progress.