Wednesday 12 February 2014

The journey to fluency

It turns out that I could have avoided a lot of my previous stress about how far WAYK can really take you by going over to Vimeo and digging a little deeper into the Where Are Your Keys? video archive.

Below is a series of videos charting Sky Hopinka's progress as Evan Gardner uses WAYK to teach him Chinuk Wawa (Chinook Jargon). I think that anyone interested in using the system would be best advised to go through at least some of the Top 20 WAYK Techniques and then watch these videos.
  • Introduction. I think this is Evan's best introduction to the WAYK system I've seen so far, even than the vintage 2006 video featured on the main page of the official site, most probably because it's had five years of refinement.
  • Part 1. Evan goes into some detail on the basic techniques and philosophy of the system.
  • Part 2. They get up to "Mine/Yours". Evan explains the logic behind "How Fascinating".
  • Part 3. Want/Have/Give/Take.
  • Part 4. Now into a separate session, Evan explains "Travels with Charlie".
  • Part 5. Want/Have/Give/Take is reviewed from the previous session.
  • Part 6. Evan explains "Full". They progress into trading with money, and Evan "lets the fairies live" by teaching new words by implication instead of explaining them in English.
  • Part 7. Trade/Steal/Buy.
  • 18 months later... Evan and Sky have an advanced-level conversation 18 months after Evan first met Sky. 
Other videos of interest:

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